10 Instagram Reels Ideas For Travel Agencies

10 Instagram Reels Ideas For Travel Agencies

Need Instagram Reels ideas for travel agencies but find video content a little overwhelming? Here are the ideas and tips you’ll need to get started.

Travel agencies need to have an online presence, especially on social media. Through content marketing, you can create awareness about the destinations you are targeting and what services you are offering. Content marketing is a great way to acquire new customers and to create brand awareness. 

These days Facebook and Instagram are the ways where most people spend their time and you can use these platforms to increase your reach and acquire new customers. 

Instagram has changed its algorithm and now reels are the way to increase your reach. For travel agencies, we have 10  Instagram reel ideas you can make to increase your reach and get more customers. 

10 Instagram Reel ideas that will increase the reach

1. Time Lapse Of Sunrise Or Sunset

Show people the time-lapse of sunset or night view. People love to see time lapses. Show your destination’s beauty in the time-lapse. If your destination is mountainous, you can show the beauty of the destination by making a time-lapse of sunrise or sunset. If your destination is the seaside, show people the sunset time lapse.

Pro Tip: Use a hashtag of your agency, and the destination.


Source: Nathan Hill Photography on Instagram 

Just like Nathan Hill show the time-lapse of your destination and use relevant hashtags. 

2. Nightlife

The most obvious reel idea is nightlife. People love to see what the nightlife of their destination will be like. You can show them what the nightlife of your destination can be. You can use any 5 pictures to make a reel or you can use video to show the nightlife of your destination.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add the location on the reel. 


Source: Dan Marks on Instagram 

Just like how Dan Marks showed the night view of London, you can make a reel to show your destination’s nightlife. You can show roads, bars, scenery or hotels. 

3. Scenery Video

You can make a scenery video of your destination and show people why they should visit the place. Give people a sense of missing out.

Pro Tip: Always use trending music in your reels. This will help you to reach more audience.


Source: Travel and Leisure on Instagram 

Just like Travel and Leisure showed snowy Switzerland you can show your destination and attract customers. 

4. 5 Must Places To Visit

Using reels, show people what the destination is like. Create a video of five must-see places and use five pictures to illustrate the places. These kinds of reels are one of the best ways to increase the engagement of the reels. People save these kinds of videos the most.

Pro Tip: Use attention-grabbing hooks like 5 places must to visit or 5 places you don’t want to miss 


Source: Amorray Travels on Instagram 

Just like Amorray Travels, you can show places of your destination through video or you can use pictures to show places. You can use background music or voiceover. 

5. What Not To Miss

Make a video and show people what not to miss when they visit the destination. You can use pictures of the things or small video clips to form the reel. You can show them what things they can do when they visit a place. 

Pro Tip: Use attractive hooks to grab the attention of the viewer.


Source: Wendy • Travel & Lifestyle On Instagram 

Like Wendy you can show spots you can visit in your destination or you can show them what places they cannot miss when they visit the destination. 

6. What Does Living In Your Destination Look Like

If your destination is showing some kind of culture or tradition, you can make a reel about what living is like in the particular place. You can show a complete what we eat in a day video or what we do in a day kind of video. You can also shoot what the locals are doing throughout the day..

Pro Tip: People love to see other cultures. Show them the culture in your reels


Source: Visit London On Instagram 

7. Special Cuisine

Another idea of the reel is to show people the local cuisine. Show them street food, the local speciality, or famous restaurants. People love to see food-related videos and you can make reels to promote your destination’s cuisine and gain more customers. Make packages regarding food tours. 

Check out this article to learn more about the different types of packages you can offer.


Source: The Gritti Palace on Instagram 

8. Create Anticipation And Share a Video Of The Upcoming Weather

Show the people what new weather is coming with and what your destination will look like. You can use last year’s videos or pictures to show the beauty of your destination. Create anticipation in your customers. Show them what your destination has to offer and what they are missing if they do not visit your targeted destination.

Pro Tip: Use the trending music in the background to increase your reach.


Source : Amorray Travels on Instagram 

9. Picture Perfect Restaurants

If your destination has picture-perfected restaurants you can make a reel of them. Show your restaurants, what they look like and what they serve. You can use pictures of food, restaurants interior and exterior.

Pro Tip: Use emojis in the caption


Source: TripAdvisor on Instagram 

10. Instagram-Worthy Hotels

Show your customers what kind of experience they will get if they visit your targeted destination. Show them Instagram-worthy hotels and show them what unique experience they will get.

Pro Tip: Give a call to action in the caption.


Source: Booking.com on Instagram 

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