5 Social Media Platforms if you are Targeting Gen Z

5 Social Media Platforms if you are Targeting GenZ

Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, represents a powerful target demographic that demands tailored marketing strategies. Marketing to Gen Z is unlike marketing to any other generation. They represent a new marketing method of brand-consumer relationship- one where authenticity and relevance are essential.

Gen Z is well known for being the first digital natives. They are highly connected on social media and are socially conscious. 

A survey by Morning Consult found that 54% of Genzers spend at least 4 hours daily on social media, while 38% spend even more time on social media.

Advertising for Gen Z has always been a big part that makes it difficult for businesses to determine which social media platform they should leverage that resonates with Gen Z’s preferences and habits.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 social media platforms if you are targeting Gen Z. Businesses can easily leverage these platforms to target Gen Z with effective marketing strategy.

5 Social Media Platforms If you are Targeting Gen Z

1- TikTok:

 TikTok has emerged as the second most used social media app with 67% use among 5 social media platforms if you are targeting Gen Z. TikTok attracts the attention and time of Gen Z users worldwide. TikTok allows people to exhibit their abilities, express themselves, and communicate with a worldwide community through short-form videos, creative filters, and an addictive algorithm. Brands targeting Generation Z may capitalise on TikTok’s virality by generating engaging, amusing, and authentic content relevant to the platform’s trends and concerns. Collaborating with influencers and utilising popular hashtags can help expand brand reach and engage Gen Z people in a natural and approachable manner.

2- Instagram 

According to the survey of SimilarWeb, instagram is one of the most used social media apps, with over 78 million monthly active users.

Instagram remains a significant platform for Generation Z, with a visual-first strategy that caters to their love of compelling photographs and stories. Businesses can construct a visually appealing brand presence using posts, stories, IGTV, and Reels, showing products, behind-the-scenes glances, and user-generated material. Collaborating with influencers with the same interests and beliefs as Generation Z can boost brand trust and reach.

 Instagram’s interactive features, such as polls, quizzes, and swipe-ups, encourage participation and feedback, allowing brands to build meaningful relationships with their target audience.

According to the HubSpot Survey, 52% of marketers plan to increase their investment in the platform in 2023, and 29% of social media marketers plan to invest the most in Instagram over any other platform.

3- Snapchat

Well known for its vanishing content and inventive filters, Snapchat has remained popular among 5 social media platforms if you are targeting Gen Z. 

The casual and fundamental aspect of the platform resonates with this generation’s yearning for genuine experiences. Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) capabilities, sponsored lenses, and filters can be used by brands to create interactive and personalised experiences. Businesses can establish a sense of exclusivity and encourage authentic connections with consumers by engaging with them through behind-the-scenes films, exclusive deals, and user-generated content initiatives, resulting in increased brand loyalty and affinity.

4- Youtube

According to the data collected by SimilarWeb, Youtube has over 2 billion+ users and receives over 34 billion monthly visits. Youtube is the best app among 5 social media platforms if you are targeting Gen Z.

YouTube remains a powerful medium for Gen Z, with many video materials appealing to various interests. Businesses can develop attractive and valuable videos to engage their target audience, given that Gen Z consumes significant video content. Collaboration with well-known YouTubers and content creators who share the company’s values and target audience can help to increase brand visibility and reputation. Through tutorials, product reviews, and vlogs, businesses may establish thought leadership, showcase products, and build trust among Gen Z viewers.

5- Threads

The Threads App was launched by Meta on the 5th of July, 2023. This app is similar to Twitter and emerged as a hit app and rival to Twitter. This app is also one of the best social media platforms to target Gen Z. It is a standalone app that allows users to share brief, text-based postings with a small group of friends. The app is intended to be a more intimate and personal means of connecting with people, and it includes various features not seen in the main Instagram app. Businesses can attract Genzers by quickly sharing short, text-based posts. For businesses, Threads will emerge as the best marketing platform among 5 social media platforms if you are targeting Gen Z. These posts can be up to 500 characters long and include photos, videos, and links.


To effectively target Generation Z on social media, businesses must harness the power of this popular social media platform among Generation Z users. Remember that each platform form has its unique features and characteristics. Businesses need to alter their marketing strategies according to each platform. With this technique, businesses can connect with Gen Z on a deeper level and can foster brand affinity and loyalty. 

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