Marketing Strategy for Quarter 4 (2022)

Marketing Strategy for Quarter 4 (2022)

Are you a small business finding a marketing strategy for Quarter 4? Are you looking for ways to increase your sales this holiday season? Do you need an effective marketing strategy to increase your sales and acquire new customers? Then you will find this blog helpful! This blog will help you craft an effective marketing strategy to increase your sales in this Quarter 4. 

1. Why Quarter 4 Is Important?

Quarter 4 is important as it contains all major holidays and festivals. In October, there are festivals such as Halloween, Diwali, and Canadian Thanksgiving. In November, there are Thanksgiving and Black Friday celebrations, and in December we have Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. 

All these events make Quarter 4 special and important for businesses. This is the quarter where most of the businesses try to increase their sales and capture more market. 

2. Why Quarter 4 Marketing Should Be Different?

Quarter 4 marketing should be different as it’s the quarter of the Holidays and festivals. So businesses try to customise their products for Holidays and the Fall. 

For example, Companies like Starbucks introduce their Holiday drinks, and M&S have a special Food and Gifts campaign for Christmas. All retail stores like Tesco, and M&S will bring their holiday-focused items in front of the store. The store will have holiday-specific decor. 

Small businesses can also offer customised holiday-focused content/products to their customers so the customers are excited about that product. This will also increase brand awareness and will help the business to get these customers back next year as well because of the special and customised offers.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Quarter 4?

  • More holidays, more sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer retention 
  • Customer Acquisition 
  • Customised Products and Services 
  • Special Offers

4. Why Businesses Should Seek Professional Marketing Services?

Quarter 4 is the busiest quarter of the year and the most important time of the year. Most of the customers buy in quarter 4 and it is the time to acquire new customers. Businesses should hire professionals because they create a better, customised marketing strategy for your business.

Quarter 4 is already a stressful time of the year and it is better to hire professionals as they can provide a wide range of services from content creation to marketing to branding. They know the current trends. They will guide you on what best is for your business marketing and what channel will be most effective. 

They will help you to increase brand awareness which will help to bring more customers and more sales. They will bring a fresh perspective to the table which will help you to strategise the business more. 

Hiring an agency is more cost effective than hiring in-house employees so hire De Digitizers for your business and get a better marketing plan.

5. What Can Be An Effective Marketing Strategy For Quarter 4?

i. Campaign Design

Every business during this quarter design a campaign. A campaign should focus on what your customers want, what special or unique you are going to offer this season and how that will benefit your customers and your business. 

For instance, you are a bakery. You can focus on special fall bake goods that are available only during this time of the year. Your store decor is focused on the holidays. Your packaging is fall special. You have a plan for advertisement and you have a plan for offers and discounts you are going to offer.  

ii. Invest In Advertisement

This is the last chance for you to increase sales this year and earn more. So you have to invest in advertising. Advertisements can be of multiple kinds like advertisements on social media, on eCommerce platforms, on search engines, on local TV channels or in local Newspapers.

Keypoint is you have to invest in advertisement and have to increase your advertisement budget. At least 10% of your sales should be spent on advertising. This will help you reach more customers and your brand awareness will increase.

Marketing Strategy for Quarter 4
Marketing Strategy for Quarter 4

iii. Customisation Of Packaging

In Quarter 4, Halloween, Thanksgiving, BlackFriday Diwali, Christmas, and New Year all events occur. And this is a great opportunity to increase your sales. 

Even during this recession, people will buy gifts for their family and friends. It’s time for you to focus on the customisation of your products and services around holidays.

Use holiday-focused packaging for your products. Redesign your store focusing on holidays and events. 

Like Marks & Spencer, Liberty London, every year they change their store settings according to Holiday aesthetics. They offer holiday-inspired products. Even they will change the settings of their products. All items which people can buy on holidays are on the front aisle. 

iv. Holiday-Focused Content On Social Media

It’s time to make your content holiday-focused. Plan your content ahead of these big events/holidays. To create brand awareness, and to increase sales, focus on content creation, co-marketing and influencer marketing. 

Make holiday-focused content and use different marketing channels to target your customers. Make quick sharp small videos on TikTok to target GenZ and Millennials. Make reels on Instagram to target Millennials and GenX. Use influencer marketing and co-marketing to collaborate. Make reels on Facebook to target Boomers.

v. Special Offers And Discounts

It is the time of year when people are shopping and looking for discounts. Especially on Black Friday, people focus on major discounts. Most people wait all year to shop on Black Friday and this is your opportunity to provide special offers and discounts. 

Use special discounts and offers to attract new customers, and retain old customers. Use e-commerce platforms and offer special discounts on your products.

vi. Use Email Marketing

Quarter 4 is the best time of the year when you can use email marketing to connect with your customers. 

Make special newsletters, offers, discounts, and greeting emails to send to your customers to increase your sales. 

Inform your customers about your products and new offers.

vii. Offers For Loyal Customers

You can use email marketing to send offers to your loyal customers. Or you can use WhatsApp marketing to contact your customers and send them special offers. You can use special loyalty cards for your customers where they can store the credits on each purchase.

viii. Offers To Attract New Customers

Quarter 4 is the best time of year to expand your business. People are in the mood to shop and with offers and discounts, you can acquire new customers also.

ix. Contact Users With Wishlist And Abandoned Carts

Use your website data to target your potential customers. Check your wishlist and abandoned carts. Write them an email, and offer them discounts. This way you can have more sales this quarter.

6. Why You Should Use De Digitizers Digital Marketing Services To Grow Your Business?

This season is very busy for business owners. For your ease, you can have our help. We can help to formulate a marketing strategy and manage your social media accounts. We can help you increase your online visibility, increase your brand awareness, strengthen your digital presence, and bring you more sales. We can help you expand your business through proven digital marketing strategies.

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